Digital Signage and Yearbook Displays for Schools

Increase Student and Community Engagement
Display Graduation Composites without Frames or Flipboards

Alumni Pride!

Alumni love to stroll the halls or attend a game at their alma mater. Many schools display their graduation composites in frames or flipboards but these solutions take up too much space and can make it hard to find a particular graduation year. Our simple touchscreen solutions make it easy for you to find your graduation year to relive your glory days and show your family and friends. My kids are the fourth generation to attend my alma mater, Advance R-IV Schools, and they love to see the graduation pics of their dad, their grandparents, and their great-grandmother - our installation makes it easy and fun for them to do so at games and events. Watch the video below to see how our solutions are helping local schools! And if you had a bad mullet in your graduation pic, don't worry. Your kids will only make fun of you every single time they walk by the display.
Todd Mayberry
Founder of BlueChalk Software
Guy with a Bad Mullet in 1991

How It's Done

  • You need a touchscreen display, wired or wireless internet connection, and your graduation composites!
  • We design the display using your school colors, logos, and composites - we won't ship until you approve your template!
  • We import your composite photos
  • We ship you a device and you connect it to your display!
  • That's it!

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